First exhibition of some miniatures in the Schwetzingen castle in 1947.

“Elective home Germany”. A newspaper article by her husband Heribert von Koerber, which appeared in the early 1950s. Some of the article about her life is journalistically “adapted”. Thus the destination of the trip to Europe was originally Paris, Berlin was only a stopover. Other details described in the article do not quite correspond to the facts either.

In 1956, three Persian fairy tales written by Akefeh von Koerber and illustrated by his own miniatures appeared in the respected GDR cultural magazine “Das Magazin”.

“The Adventures of Pious Ali” (Das Magazin, 1956).

“Shirin in the Magic Garden” (Das Magazin, 1956).

“Persian traditional art in Europe”. In the “Katholische Zeitung” of June 2, 1957, the journalist Bachmann writes about the works of Akefeh von Koerber. Only where he refers to the adjacent picture, which quite obviously shows two nuns, does he invent a new title, “Two Sisters”, and claims that it depicts two blind sisters from Iran. This journalistic “adaptation” was due to the spirit of the times. In 1957, public speaking about the horrors of World War II was almost taboo. In fact, A. v. K. had drawn two desperate nuns in a shelter in Leipzig during a bombing raid and reported this to Mr. Bachmann.

“Persian miniatures – painted in Cologne”. This article appeared in the “Kölnische Rundschau” on 13 January 1963 following a GEDOK exhibition, in which Akefeh von Koerber also participated with some works.

“The delicate world of oriental watercolours”. An article from the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” of 12 May 1981 on the occasion of an exhibition of miniatures by Akefeh von Koerber in the “City-Treff”, now “SK Stiftung Kultur”.

“Persian artist introduces Iranian fairy tale world”. “Kölner Wochenspiegel” of April 29, 1981 on the occasion of the exhibition at the “City-Treff”.

3 March – 4 April 1989: Exhibition of charcoal drawings at the Rhiannon Women’s Book Shop and Women’s Cultural Centre in Cologne. The Rhiannon was one of the first women’s bookstores in Germany and the first in Cologne. At that time men were still not allowed to enter.

In the center of the colonial old city of Havana, Cuba, is the old palace of the Governor of Havana (today a museum and office of the city historian). To the right is the palace of his deputy (today the seat of the Cuban Book Institute with exhibition rooms).
In April 1990 an exhibition of the works of Akefeh von Koerber took place there.
“Juventud rebelde”, in which the exhibition was announced on 12 April 1990, is the second largest daily newspaper in Cuba.

Announcement of the exhibition in Havana in the Cuban trade union newspaper “Trabajadores” on 14 April 1990.

The “Cartelera”, Havana’s calendar of events, refers to the exhibition in the April 12-18, 1990 edition.

Photo of the construction of the exhibition 1990 in Havana.