miniature persane: Femmes qui se baignent

The miniature “Bathing Women” is based on a childhood experience of Akefeh Monchi-Zadeh. As a little girl she was taken by the women of her family on an excursion to the mountains north of Tehran.

The Darakeh Valley is still a popular excursion destination today. It is traversed by a glacier stream, which carries ice-cold water even in midsummer. To the right and left, the stream is enclosed by steep rocks in which the water course has dug itself in.

In several places there are small lakes and waterfalls.

The women hang up scarves to be protected from the eyes of other excursionists and undress. Suddenly Akefeh sees the face of a strange man on a rock above the cloths, who obviously takes great pleasure in the unexpected sight. Akefeh’s hint to the voyeur causes all women to quickly gather their clothes together to cover themselves.

Details zu dem Bilde “Badende Frauen” von Akefeh von Koerber
The valley of Darakeh in the north of Teheran